Mythology and Gods

Myths and Legends have surrounded the gods from time immemorial. They change and flow, much like the mortals who dream them. Who can say what is truth, and what is nothing more that fantasy. Thousands of myths exist about the beginning times, and chronicled here are the most popular of the Fifth Age.

In the beginning …

The Soul Well is the heart of the universe. From it, all souls spill forth. The first soul to emerge from its depths was Larana. By the simple act of being conscious, space and time unfurled and revealed themselves. It is said that upon her birth, Larana’s first act was to dance and revel among the void. However, while she was the first, other souls were born from the Well. They spread out from the Well and inhabited the void. Larana went to them to embrace her siblings, but they were different somehow. Less vast than Larana, unable to see the uncountable possibilities of the void. They could not comprehend her, and shunned away.

Larana, seeing their reaction, felt a great emptiness within her. She then bent her will unto the Well so that she may have companions to celebrate with. The Well responded and soon after came Hathrane and Elben. She took these two beings and showed them the void, and taught them many secrets. However, they were still not as vast as Larana, and while they were good companions, Larana grew jealous of how her children could relate better to the other souls of the void, and went away in anger. She left them and traveled for a long time. Eventually, she found something that she had never seen before. She looked upon the globe with wonder, and cast her senses around to find out where it came from. Surprised, she found others like her children and herself. The Well had produced others, and they had fashioned this thing together. They were the siblings Shae, Ranthos, Ashwar, and Haman. Larana went to them and asked them many things about the matter they had created. When she had learned enough, she tried her own hand at creation, and she fashioned uncountable lights to place around the world.

However, her new skill only served to deepen her jealousy toward her children. So, with the help of the Four Siblings, she crafted a path from the Well to this new world, and forced souls into it. The Siblings crafted many containers for these souls, so they would be unable to return to the void. Hathrane and Elben pleaded with Larana, and begged her to release them, but she would not listen. The brothers went to the Siblings and spoke their case to them. The Siblings were more familiar with the containers of matter, and listened well to the brother’s words. They decided to help them. So, the Siblings created a container for Larana, and all six of them together forced her into it. And Larana knew suffering and pain. With a scream of horror, she broke free from her container and rushed to the path she created and with all her might, she tried to break it, for she wanted the love of her lesser siblings, not their pain. But, the Path was set, and even Larana’s efforts could not shake it loose.

Larana then allowed the souls to return from the world to the void. However, the containers of souls had to crumble first. There was no way to cause them to crumble without pain, so Larana withheld her hand from crushing the world. Instead, she chose to wait outside it, and welcome returning souls. She learned from her children the way of dealing with souls so they would not be frightened. And thus, souls would travel from the Well to the world, and death would free them from pain.

Mortals’ Ascent

Larana had retreated from the concerns of the material world, and cared mostly for the souls that departed it. The Siblings looked after their domain, and cared little for the containers of souls. Hathrane and Elben considered the plight of those among the dust. Soon, they invented a means for the containers of souls to alleviate their own sufferings. Hathrane went to the containers and gave them the gift of Sense. With their new power, the containers could look beyond the present time to the past, and the wisest could even dream the future. They could see the world both as it was, and as it could be. However, they could do nothing until Elben came down and gave them Voice. With this power, the containers could make changes to the world to suit them. They Spoke with their hands and their voice and crafted many wonderful things. Hathrane and Elben were overjoyed and left them, confident that these new beings would use their new power to relax the suffering of the world.

Mythology and Gods

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